almost here

IMG_4272 IMG_4269Just around 1 week left til my due date!  I’m pretty happy to have gotten by on very few true “maternity” clothes during my pregnancy – 1 pair of black maternity pants for work, 2 pairs of stretchy pencil skirts similar to this, 2 pairs of insanely comfortable maternity leggings here that I intend on using well after pregnancy, and a couple maternity tops.  Other than that, I’ve gotten by on pretty much any regular clothes that will accommodate the belly, such as stretchy maxi dresses, loose beach tunics, and empire waist tops and dresses, like the one in this post.  I have also made a few not-so-smart shopping moves in the last 9 months – namely, buying clothes with the assumption that I’ll snap back to my pre-pregnancy size after I have the baby.  We’ll see how that works out…

Outfit Details:
Dress – Boden
Shoes – ECCO


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